It’s estimated that pet owners spent just under $70 billion in 2017. Although people outside the industry might assume that was a typo, any business owner who serves this industry understands that pet parents are more than willing to spend plenty of money on goods and services for their animals. While the pet industry presents a lot of opportunity, there’s also no shortage of competition. The good news is there are still lots of ways to make your pet business stand out. If you want to make 2018 your best year yet, here are the five best ways to market your business: Web Design When someone is searching online, you only have three seconds to catch and hold their attention when they visit your website! Because of that, you need an eye-catching web design with a strong message that clearly communicates that they have come to the right place. These details must be shown “above the fold”, meaning before they scroll down the web page. With that, not only do you need a design that accurately reflects your brand, but you need it to load just as quickly on all mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. Social Media We all know how critical having an effective social media strategy is to grow our business. It’s not enough to simply post content to these platforms, you must also engage with your target audiences in real-time while they are giving buying signals. Tools like Send Social Media can help with this tasks as you can monitor keyword phrases like “my pet” and respond immediately. An effective social media strategy today must have the right combination of content, consistency and brand voice to successfully market your pet business with social media in 2018. Social Media is a powerful to achieve these goals. Blogging Want to get better rankings on Google? By regularly publishing blog posts you can supercharge both your website rankings and social media presence. My best advice is to write down your top 5 FAQ’s and use those for your blog posts. This way when they search for the answers to their questions in Google – you will provide the answer. Helping to get you closer to the sale as they will know, like and trust you faster. Writing targeted blog posts also means your business will build up a bank of content that educates and informs your potential Customers helping you stand out as an expert. Print Flyers and Brochures There’s no question that online marketing channels are a very powerful way to grow a pet business. However, that doesn’t mean offline marketing is no longer useful. Printed designs like flyers and brochures can be a very cost-effective way to get your pet business in front of potential customers in targeted local areas. Making sure your branding is consistent on both digital and traditional channels will ensure your message is clear. Search Engine Optimization Google processes over 40,000 searches every second. If you want to ensure that your website shows up in the first few results when people search for relevant phrases, you need a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy. The best approach to SEO in 2018 involves ongoing attention to both on-page and off-page ranking factors. As a business owner who’s already juggling multiple tasks every day, the thought of diving into new marketing channels may seem too overwhelming. Fortunately, this isn’t something you need to do on your own. This is the syndicated copy of an original article posted at Article Tags: Social Media, Blog Posts Source: Free Articles from I am Michelle Hummel, a web strategist, motivational speaker, social media trainer, entrepreneur and the owner of Cincinnati web design & digital marketing agency. I can help drive more leads to your business with an integrated web strategy. I am also specialized in creating a social media content and digital marketing strategy to help you reach your target audience online.