Online affiliate marketing is an easy business to make good money. There are many options to choose from including what type of product to promote and how to set up a blog page. Once you begin though, you will discover endless opportunities to grow your business. If you are considering beginning an online business, affiliate marketing may be the solution. You do not need a product or service to sell. Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else’s product or service and you earn money by receiving a commission from their sales. You can earn anywhere from 10% to 75% for your efforts depending on what you promote. First of all, how do you sell it? A good way to begin is to set up a review site. It simply tells about the product, lists the advantages of it and maybe compares it to other products. It will help the consumer decide what is best for him. You just use the information off of the seller’s website and make a concise page to promote the product. There are two possibilities that are good choices for doing this. They are both using blogging. By setting up a blog, you will be able to keep it current with information about the product being promoted. They are popular for getting a large amount of traffic to them because they are kept current and are targeted for a specific item. They are also simple to set up compared to a website page. The first option is a free alternative found at It is the easiest to use if you are just beginning. At this site, you can sign up for an account and use the free available hosting. The second option is another free alternative called WordPress. It is also an excellent choice although you will have to do your own hosting. The advantage of this is that you will appear more professional with your own domain name. You will also be able to be more creative in making it your own site. Either one of these will work well for a blog page. Just do a little research on a product or service that interests you and put it together to promote it in an attractive format. Include the link to the affiliate site and when the customer makes the purchase, you will get your commission. Continue this method with other products or services and you will have a great start in affiliate marketing. When choosing what to promote, it is good to know that the best commissions come from sales of ebooks, software or other products that can be downloaded. Promoting downloaded products is a great place to begin. The customer just purchases the product and after paying for it they are able to receive it immediately and you will quickly receive your commission. To decide which subject to promote begin by going to This website has numerous products that can be downloaded and that you can promote to get a commission. Once you sign up at this website, you will be able to promote anything, anytime from their list of products. This information will get you started with online affiliate marketing. It is a simple, convenient method and has the possibility of bringing in a good income for you. Just choose something of interest to you that you could promote and bring in a sale for it. So get started now! Source: Free Articles from Jason Pearson is an online marketing expert who wants to share his secrets with the world. To find out more... Click Here Now To Find Out More About Jason Pearson